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Staff for the Community School of the Arts

Visual Arts:

Tim Pafford - Watercolors, Drawing, Oils, Pastels
Susan McGolrick - Art for Children/Teens
Mary Alice Burkhart - Calligraphy
Shelby Crutcher - Beginning Ceramics
Melody Shipley - Advanced Ceramics
Sarah Kent- Youth Ceramics 


Rachel Ison - Jewelry Making
Patty Davis - Flower Arranging
Susan McGolrick - Basket Weaving, Book Binding 

Photography/Digital Arts:

Lois Jones - Digital SLR Photography
David W. Shelton - Web Design, Computer Graphics, Photoshop


Margaret Rennerfeldt - Ballet, Reading Readiness
Claira Estes - Dance Level One and Two, Ballet I
Taylor Vanders - Adult Ballet

Marcus Hayes - Modern Dance

        Ashley Knowles - Intermediate Ballet



Edd Garcia - Theater for Children, Improvisation

Music (Individual Instruction):


Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis
Justin Fitch
Tyler Saunders


Cristi Burkeen- violin, viola
Lindsey Smith Trostle - cello


Christopher Groves
Jason Pollack   (APSU Undergraduate Student)*
Jeremy Holt  - guitar/mandolin/bass/harmonica/electric guitar
Alexander Rockwell


Tamara Deichert - flute
Yamil Camacho - clarinet
Austin Ward - saxophone (APSU Undergraduate Student)*


Daniel Milner - horn
Michael Ritter - trumpet
William Hoekstra - trombone


Carlos Johnson - all percussion


Justin Nelson
Meeka Opong

*Individual Music Instructors that are marked with a (*) are undergraduate students at APSU and are recommended by the faculty of their departments and give lessos at a reduced rate. Please make sure to choose the correct link when making purchases. Graduate students of APSU are not marked as students and are at the regular CSA instructor pay.

Please see the Individual Music Instruction page for more information.