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Staff for the Community School of the Arts

The Community School of the Arts hires talented musicians, artists, craftspeople, and APSU Faculty with a passion for teaching and a desire to share the arts with students of all ages.

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Matthew Burns - Coordinator

Visual Arts:

Tim Pafford - Watercolors, Drawing, Oils, Pastels
Susan McGolrick - Art for Children/Teens
Monica O'Neill - Teen Art Workshops
Patrick Green - Ceramics
Melody Shipley - Ceramics
Rina Gonzalez - Youth Ceramics 

Arts and Crafts:

Rachel Ison - Jewelry Making
Patty Davis - Flower Arranging
Susan McGolrick - Basket Weaving, Book Binding 

Photography/Digital Arts:

Lois Jones - Digital SLR Photography
David W. Shelton - Web Design, Computer Graphics, Photoshop


Margaret Rennerfeldt - Ballet, Reading Readiness
Jade Moghaney - Dance Level One and Two 


Wesley Hall - Comic Writing
Quincy Rhoads - Creative Writing


Edd Garcia - Theater for Children, Improvisation
Ben McCormack - Stagecraft, Design
Abigail Elmore - Acting, Movement 

Music (Individual Instruction):


Veronica Stem
Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis
Justin Fitch
Anne Marie Padelford (APSU Full Time Faculty)*


Robin Eckert - violin
Rachel Pariseau - violin
Lindsey Smith Trostle - cello
Emily Crane - violin (APSU Full Time Faculty, audition only)*


Christopher Groves
Brandon Gregory 


Malinda Cox- double reeds
Kathryn Holley - flute
Yamil Camacho - clarinet
Brian Horner - saxophone
Jeanette Zyko - double reeds (APSU Full Time Faculty, audition only)*
Lisa Read Wolynec - flute (APSU Full Time Faculty, audition only)*


Joshua Underwood - trombone
Daniel Milner - horn
Michael Ritter - trumpet
Jason Gospodarek - tuba 


Carlos Johnson - all percussion
Anna Viviano - all percussion


Michael Ervin
Justin Nelson
Veronica Stem

Gail Robinson-Oturu (APSU Full Time Faculty, audition only*

Music Ensembles:

Kortney Ross - Youth Percussion Director
Veronica Stem - Youth Chorus Director
Simone Parker - Grace Note Youth String Orchestra Director
Kristina Waugh - Clarksville Community Chorus Director
Anne Glass - Clarksville Community Chorus Accompanist

*Individual Music Instructors that are marked with an (*) are full time APSU music faculty and give lessons through the CSA by audition only (Anne Marie Padelford does not require audition). The cost for lessons with full time APSU music faculty differs from other CSA staff. Please see the Individual Music Instruction page for more information.