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Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis

Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis started learning the piano at the age of 4 in Switzerland, and started teaching at the age of 12. She graduated from the “National Music Conservatory” of Athens, Greece and the “Paris European Music Conservatory” in France (with a complete musical education in piano performance, music theory and harmony, composition, choir, singing, pedagogy, etc.). Her instructors among others were Mrs.Mavrouli in Greece, Mme.M. -M. Petit, M. Sancan and M. Velay in Paris, France. Her musical and artistic education was within the French, German and Russian school traditions.

 After graduating from the French High-School in Greece, she studied in Paris, France and earned a Post-Graduated Degree  (after a Master’s in Modern Greek) in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Societies from the INALCO (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations), the ZDAF (a certificate in German Language) from the Goethe Institut, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the Catholic Institute of Paris.

Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis while still in training, participated in National (in France) and International Piano Competitions; she also participated in numerous Master Classes and Internships with French, German and Russian Musicians and Instructors. Mrs. Lewis performed professionally as a piano-soloist, accompanist or part of ensembles in music-chamber for example. Dora P. Lewis co-operated with composers by performing or teaching their music, like Russian Composer living in France, Igor Nikiforov. She also took classes in violin and dance (ballet) for several years. 

Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis started teaching the piano at the age of 12 when she had to include piano students into her curriculum so that to graduate from the “National Music Conservatory” of Athens, Greece. Mrs. Lewis has been teaching and tutoring for over 30 years piano, music theory, music initiation, and foreign languages to students (age 3 to 72 years old) in Greece, France Germany and the United States. 

In 1996,Dora Podkovyroff met her future husband, got married in 1997 and moved in Germany. For about 15 years, Mrs. Lewis has been involved with the American Military Communities Overseas, volunteering, teaching (privately or at the Youth Services run by the US Air Force), getting trainings and supporting American Military Families. 

In Germany, Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis got awarded several military awards for civilian services and earned the “Topper Award” for Best Keyboard Accompanist in a Musical in Heidelberg, Germany while competing in the European Musical Competition. 

Mrs. Dora Podkovyroff-Lewis speaks French, English and Modern Greek fluently and speaks German and some Russian.

She is member of the “United States Field Artillery Association with “The Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher”, and member of the Alumni of the “Lycee Franco-Hellenique d’Athenes”,the “Institut Francais d’Athenes”and the “Association des Anciens Eleves de L’Institut Catholique de Paris”.

Dora has been teaching piano through the Community School of the Arts since 2012 and recently joined the ESL program at APSU as an instructor. She is also the music and choir director for the Christ Lutheran church here in Clarksville.