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David W. Shelton

David W. Shelton is an artist, designer, publisher, writer, illustrator, and printing technician with nearly fifteen years experience in the field. His designs have won regional, statewide, and national awards in medical advertising, newspaper ad campaigns, and yearbooks. He is also the publisher and art director for the magazine, Business & Heritage Clarksville, which has won accolades from both readers and advertisers. David became an Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop in 2008. As a certified technical trainer and public speaker, he is often requested for training and on-site workshops.

David proudly grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee. In school he was the boy that always got called out for drawing in history class (but still loves history, go figure!). His first love has been the printing industry, where he hasn’t met a surface on which he couldn’t print. As a web designer he has successfully created sites for several businesses both in Clarksville and beyond. In his course with the CSA he will give you the tools needed to learn web and digital graphic design. 

David is also the designer of the Community School of the Arts logo and tagline, "Something For Everyone". Check out his designs at