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Frequently Used Forms

Accounting Forms: 

Business Meals

Payment Authorizations

Request for Expenditure Transfer/Correction

Travel Authorization

Travel Expense Claims

Other accounting forms can be located at:

Curriculum Committee Forms:  

Form A - Course Proposal    (Print on light yellow paper)

Form B - New Course Form   (Print on light green paper)

Form C - Program Proposal    (Print on light pink paper)

Propose Changes to the Core

For more information on Curriculum Changes, TBR or Academic Council:

Human Resources Forms:  

Adjunct Pay Authorization

Extra Compensation for Permanent Employees

Absence Form - Faculty

Absence Form - Staff

Post-Retirement Agreement Form

Request for Work Schedule Change

Volunteer Agreement

Temporary Faculty - 1 year hire

Temporary Help Pay Request Form

Faculty Hiring Forms

Other payroll, employment and benefit forms may be found at:

Legal Affairs Forms:

Dual Service Agreements

Vendor Agreements

OMNIBUS Amendment

Other contract or legal forms can be located at:

 Purchasing Forms:

Purchase Requisition

Other purchasing forms can be located at:

Registar - Student Forms

Transfer credit from non-accredited institution of higher learning

Care Policy

Fresh Start

Overload Request Form

Request to repeat a course with a B or better

Faculty Secure Forms

For more forms for students - the registrar's site is: