Communication Internships and Practicums
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 Communication Internships & Practicums

Q: What is a Communication Internship?

A: COMM 490A, B, C, Communication Internship (3) (3) (3) is provides students with practical experience in a professional communication setting. Students apply skills learned in the classroom in a professional setting. Students are required to document internship activities according to departmental policy. Prerequisites: Communication Arts majors only; upper division standing; and permission of Internship Director required prior to registration. Students complete 145 on-site contact hours for each hour of credit earned in the communication internship.


Q:  What is a Communication Practicum?

A:  COMM 425A, B, & C OR 426A, B, & C, Communication Practicum (1) (1) (1) -

It's a practical experience on-campus.  Special audio or video production projects or professional communicator experiences in a campus setting which complement study in radio/television/cable, public relations, and corporate communication. Pass/Fail.  Students complete 45 hours of on-site contact hours for each one-hour credit on-campus practicum experience.


More About a Communication Internships and Practicums

A student desiring an internship in communication, must contact the Internship Coordinator by email and receive her agreement to serve as the directing professor, while a student desiring to complete a practicum in communication must contact the Practicum Coordinator.

Then, the student, following the advice of their directing professor, must locate and apply for an internship or an on-campus practicum opportunity identifying a potential site supervisor. Next, the student must download, complete, and receive the directing professor's approval of an internship application. Following approval, the student must complete an internship agreement, develop goals and objectives with the internship site supervisor, and again gain approval of the internship agreement by the directing professor.

Finally, the student must actually complete the onsite internship or practicum, working the required number of contact hours to fulfill the internship or practicum course, and see that all required evaluations (self and site supervisor assessment forms), documentation (journals and logs), and experience evaluation paper are completed as required in the internship agreement.


Communication Practicum Final Submission Information

  • COMM 425 and 426, Practicum (1) Application Form:  Must be completed, printed out, and returned to Dr. Parcells's mailbox in the MMC, Room 166,Communication Department Office prior to section specific deadline
  • COMM 425 and 426, Practicum (1) Time Sheet Form:  Must be completed, singed by the student and supervising instructor and returned to Dr. Parcells in his mailbox in the MMC, Room 166, Communication Department Office prior to section specific deadline