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Be in control of your education and help your advisor help you!  AP OneStop provides you with the ability to run your degree evaluation, which will provide you with the information needed to track your progress towards your degree.  Below is detailed information about running a degree evaluation.  Please follow these steps and if you have any questions please see the contact information below under Additional Information for your analyst.

When should I run a degree evaluation?
Your degree evaluation can be run any time you like, but at least once a semester, preferably prior to meeting with your advisor.

Why is it important?
The degree evaluation keeps up with your program requirements and when they have been completed.  It will also show substitutions and waivers that have been submitted for your program.  Overall, it provides you with an up-to-date snapshot of what requirements you still need in order to complete your degree in order to graduate.

Running your degree evaluation:
1.    Log in to AP OneStop at http://onestop.apsu.edu and click on the Web Self-Service tab located
       at the top.

2.    Click on the Student tab at the top or link at the bottom.

3.    Click on the Student Records link.

4.    Click on Degree Evaluation link.

5.    Leave the term to the default term in the Select a Term block and click Submit

6.    Degree Evaluation Record will appear and then click on Generate New Evaluation link located
       at the middle, bottom of the page. 

7.    You must then select the program you wish to review (if you have more than one major they will
       both show and you must select which one you want to look at).  You may see only one and    
you must still select it. 

8.    In the Term block, leave the term it defaulted to in order to get the most up-to-date evaluation.

9.    Click on Generate Request – this could take several minutes to run.

10.  Once it is done running, your degree evaluation will appear.


Understanding your degree evaluation
Each area of your degree evaluation covers a specific requirement for your degree. You must have a Yes in all areas under the Met column to consider that area completed.   If there is a red No then you must still complete that requirement.  Please review the following information about your degree evaluation:


Program Description
This area provides you with information about your program, major, concentrations, minor, evaluation date and so on.

Program Evaluation
You will notice the following columns:

Met                                      Yes or No will be here depending on whether the requirement has
                                            been completed.
Required                              This gives the number of credits required for the Total Required and
                                            Required Institutional listed below.
Used                                    This gives the credits students have eared to apply towards
                                            the requirements.
Required                               Disregard this since we use the number of hours rather than courses.
Used                                     Disregard this section.

Total Required                      Total hours required for a program
Required Institutional             Residency hours
Program GPA                        Program GPA (2.0 required to graduate)
Overall GPA                          Overall Combined GPA (2.0 required to graduate)


Area/Group/Detail Requirements
These are areas built for your program.  Again, look for Yes and No in the Met columns to determine if you still have a requirement for your program to meet.

Additional Information
Please contact the graduation area in the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions regarding your degree evaluation.  Below is the contact information for your analyst based on your last name.

All Graduate             Sherry Comperry        comperrys@apsu.edu       931-221-6218
A – H                        Amy Barrett                barrettam@apsu.edu
I -- Q                        Sibrena Merriam         merriams@apsu.edu          931-221-7437
R – Z                        Ed Nushardt              
nushardte@apsu.edu         931-221-6332