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Aaron Taylor
Deidra Ware
Phyllis Gobbell
Maurice Godwin
Simone Parker
Aaron Taylor
Deidra Ware
Phyllis Gobbell
Maurice Godwin
Simone Parker

Graduate and Research Council

GRC’s Purpose

The Graduate and Research Council is the principal body for the establishment of policies and procedures relative to research and to administration of graduate programs. The purposes of the Graduate and Research Council are to provide for effective participation and deliberation by those concerned with graduate programs, research, and creative activities. The Graduate and Research Council shall consist of members selected from the University administration and regular graduate faculty as well as one graduate student appointed by the Graduate and Research Council. Graduate programs hosted in departments, schools, or colleges shall be represented based upon the size of their respective programs.  Deans of colleges with departments that do not have graduate programs but offer graduate courses shall select one faculty member from their college to represent graduate research interests on the council.  The Director of Grants and Sponsored Research and Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research also serve on the council.

All meetings are on the Third Wednesday in UC 310 at 3:30 p.m.

GRC Constitution: Revised February 9, 2011

New Graduate Coordinator Information

2012-2013 Meetings

September 19, 2012
October 17, 2012
November 28, 2012
February 20, 2013
March 20, 2013


2011-2012 Meetings

September 21, 2011 AgendaMinutes
November 16, 2011AgendaMinutes
February 15, 2012AgendaMinutes
March 21, 2012AgendaMinutes
April 18, 2012AgendaMinutes


Graduate and Research Council Members

(*)Graduate Appeals Committee Members

MemberDepartmentPhone/AddressTerm Expires
Dr. Ann Assad(*)
Mathematics(931) 221-6143
P. O. Box 4626
Dr. Bettie Barrett-Wiggins
Education(931) 221-7512
P. O. Box 4428
Dr. Shunda Brown
Psychology(931) 221-7238 P. O. Box 45372015
Dr. Doris Davenport
Nursing(931) 221-7467
P. O. Box 4659
Ms. Mary Fran Davis
Social Work(931) 221-7717
P.O. Box 4656
Dr. Robyn Hulsart(*)
Professional Studies(931) 221-1439
P.O. Box 4455
Dr. Tim Leszczak(*)
HHP(931) 221-6111
P.O.Box 4445
Dr. Jim Parker
Communication & Theatre(931) 221-6651
P. O. Box 4446
Dr. Michelle Robertson robertsonm@apus.eduNursing(931) 221-7489 P. O. Box 46582015
Dr. Joe Schiller
Biology(931) 221-7249
P. O. Box 4718
Dr. Daniel Shea
Languages & Literature(931) 221-7895 P. O. Box 44872015
Dr. Tammy Shutt
Education(931) 221-1249
P. O. Box 4428 
Dr. Ann Silverberg

931) 221-7644
P. O. Box 4625 

Dr. Gary Stewart(*)
Education(931) 221-6782
P. O. Box 4428 
Dr. John Volker
Business(931) 221-7738
P. O. Box 4627
Dr. Greg Zieren

History                                Dr.Dewey Browder(*)

(931) 221-7940
P. O. Box 4486



Dr. Beverly Boggs
Associate Provost
Enrollment Management and Academic Support
(931) 221-6541
P.O. Box 4447
Ms. Kendra Bryant    
Technical Clerk 
 College of Graduate Studies
(931) 221-7416
P.O. Box 4458 
Dr. William Cox (*Chair)   
Executive Director
APSU @ Ft. Campbell
(931) 221-1412
P.O. Box 4455
Dr. Dixie Dennis
Associate Provost and Dean
Grants & Sponsored Programs & College of Graduate Studies
(931) 221-7415
P. O. Box 4458
Dr. David Denton     
College of Behavioral & Health Sciences
(931) 221-7423
P. O. Box 4474 
Dr. Rebecca Glass
Associate Dean
College of Graduate Studies, HHP Professor
(931) 221-6114
P.O. Box 4445
Dr. Carlette Hardin       
College of Education
(931) 221-7697
P. O. Box 4545
Ms. June D. Lee      
 College of Graduate Studies
(931) 221-6189
P. O. Box 4458
Dr. William Rupp        
 College of Business
(Leadership Studies)
(931) 221-7675
P. O. Box 4416
Mr. Andrew Shepard-Smith
 Grants and Sponsored Research
(931) 221-7841
P.O. Box 4517
Dr. Jaime Taylor
College of Math and Sciences
(931) 221-7964
P.O. Box 4538
Dr. Dixie Webb    
College of Arts & Letters
(931) 221-6445
P. O. Box 4534
Mr. Joe Weber(*)   
Library Services
(931) 221-7613
P.O. Box 4595
Mr. Dana Willett                             Executive Director
 Extended and Distance Education
(931) 221-7779
P.O. Box 4678
Ms. Telaina Wrigley              
Registrar's Office
(931) 221-6353
P. O. Box 4448