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Aaron Taylor
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Aaron Taylor
Deidra Ware
Phyllis Gobbell
Maurice Godwin
Simone Parker

Current GA Information

I'd like to welcome all current Graduate Assistants to the new GA page. It will be updated periodically with information pertinent to your placement and duties as a GA. Please check back here throughout the semester for any important news and/or forms that may require your attention.

Graduate Assistant Handbook

The link above provides you with a digital copy of the GA handbook. Please familiarize yourself with the contents inside, as it will be the most important tool for beginning your assistantship.

Important Graduate Forms

Enclosed are forms that are important, required or suggested during your graduate matriculation.  They are:

Re-Application for Current GA Position

GA Clearance Form

GA Request for Additional On Campus Employment

GA Request for Add/Reduce Hours

GA Scholarship Award In Addition to GA Scholarship Award

GA Summer Semester Out of State Waiver

GA Informational Guidelines

GA Payroll Schedule

Suggested Time Reporting Sheet:

Program of Study/Admission to Candidacy/Committee Assignment:

A student is eligible to hold an assistantship for four (4) semesters and must reapply each academic year.   Upon request from the Graduate Office please submit the attached application and an updated resume.  This form is for current graduate assistant only.

This form must be completed and returned to College of Graduate Studies office by all recipients of additional scholarships. This includes university, departmental or outside resource scholarships.

This form will assist in clarifying the pay schedule and issuance of paychecks for the academic year.

This form is provided as an example of how to keep track of the hours worked for personal use.  Please check with the department to verify how hours worked is required for reporting. 

Graduate Students admitted to a degree-seeking program must complete this form during his/her first academic semester of attendance.   This is the general form, however, there are a number of departments who have formulated a form specific to that major area.  Please consult with your academic advisor to complete this form before the end of your FIRST semester.

GA’s are required to complete this form only if resignation of assistantship occurs before the contract end date. Follow the order on the clearance form as numbered and upon completion submit your form to the College of Graduate Studies.   The College of Graduate Studies will implement the electronic GA clearing process for all other GAs at the end of his/her GA assignments.  Each GA will be notified via email when the electronic clearing process begins.  Therefore this form is not necessary for GA assignments that end according the current contract. 

For all graduate assistants, permission from the dean is required if the credit load is fewer than eight or more than 10 credits per semester. The minimum number of credits which may be taken in a semester by a graduate assistant is eight, unless otherwise approved by the dean of the College of Graduate Studies.  Graduate assistants are limited to 10 hours per semester. All graduate assistants’ schedules are examined closely to ensure adherence to TBR policy which stipulates that no more than 10 credit hours of course work fees (per semester) will be covered. The total award will not exceed the amount approved by TBR (up to 10 credit hours), UNLESS, approval is granted by the dean of College of Graduate Studies.  Please complete the appropriate form for approval PRIOR to the beginning of the semester. If permission is not granted graduate assistants will be responsible for paying the outstanding fees to Accounts Payable.

Graduate Assistants who are classified as out-of-state residents are eligible for summer fee waivers offering a reduced rate for summer courses.  Submit the form to the CoGS office for processing.   

In conjunction with your Graduate Assistantship additional campus employment is possible.  However,  duties for ALL sources of additional employment  CANNOT EXCEED 10 hours per week above the assistantship.  Permission to work additional hours is granted solely by the Dean of the CoGS and is not guaranteed.  Additional assignment should include a clear rationale from the supervisor responsible for the issuing the request. The request form must be also be approved by the graduate student’s reporting area of the graduate assistantship for the supervisor’s approval and forwarded to CoGS for final approval.

In the same spirit as “Employment in Addition to the GA Assignment” all university scholarships (in addition to your GA scholarship) requires notification to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The Reporting Scholarship Awards Accepted in Addition to Graduate Assistant Scholarship must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Dean immediately after the additional scholarship has been accepted. Though approval is not required for additional scholarships, the above form must be submitted within five (5) business days of award acceptance. If not, possible disciplinary actions will be taken.