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Four businesswoman of differing ethnicities

Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's Studies Program introduces students to an interdisciplinary framework with the lives and experiences of women as its focus. Students learn to analyze and assess the impact of the multiple layers of identity women juggle--for example gender, ethnicity, class, disabilities and sexual orientation--as they study the fields of human history, creativity, economics, society and social sciences. As statistics continue to show more women pursuing higher education and more women in the workforce, this program prepares students to negotiate conflicts in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Women's Studies students learn to understand the impact of gender, ethnicity and class on their lives, and the lives of people in the past. Synthesizing the subject of women's lives with skills in critical thinking, the program seeks to create active and informed citizens, workers and parents, guardians or stewards of children.

Students can pursue an 18-hour minor, providing them with 15 hours of courses and a 3-hour capstone seminar in Women's Studies. The capstone seminar surveys feminist research methods and gives students the opportunity to design a research project of their choice. The Introduction to Women's Studies serves as a foundation course to frame students' experience for subsequent courses.


 Program of Study


WS 2050

Introduction to Women's Studies: Women and Culture

WS 4010

Capstone Seminar in Women's Studies


Any 3-credit course with approval of coordinator



Electives (Must choose 12 credits)

AAST 3000

Africana Women Across Culture

BIOL 3200

Women and Science

COMM 4450

Mass Media and Women

COMM 4470

Race, Gender in Mass Media


Women Writers

ENGL 340 N

Gay and Lesbian Literature Across Cultures 

ENGL 340 R

Century's End: Race and Gender at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

ENGL 340 W

Critical Studies in Women's Literature

HIST 4670

Women in American History

PM 3400

Women and Administration

PSCI 4040

Women and Politics

PSCI 4330

Women and the Law

PSCI 4340

Family Law

PSY 3210

Psychology of Women

SOC 3010

Marriage and the Family

SOC 3080

Gender and Society

SOC 3800

Women and Social Change

SW 4020

Human Sexuality

THEA 4700

Topics in Women's Theatre

WS 300
A, B, C

Selected Topics in Women's Studies

WS 3050

Women in the Arts

WS 3060

Vagina Monologues

WS 3070 

Women and Film

WS 3080         

Women's Studies Internship

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Other courses as approved by the coordinator


For more information about pursuing a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, please contact:

Dr. Jill Eichhorn

Associate Professor

Harned Hall 143



Follow this link to the Women's and Gender Studies website for additional information.