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silhouettes of business men and women against a backdrop of a world map

International Studies

The minor is designed to enable students to be better prepared for positions with government, business, or industry with international connections. It strives to develop foreign language skills; helps to provide an opportunity for students to study abroad; and seeks to promote international understanding.

Program of Study

I. Required Courses (3 hours)

  • INTS 2000 Introduction to International Studies Minor

II. Concentration: Major Area (15 hours)

Select five courses from a minimum of three different disciplines (15 hours)

  • AAST 3000 Africana Women Across Cultur
  • COMM 309A International Communication: Broadcast Media
  • COMM 309B International Communication: Corporate Communication
  • COMM 309C International Communication: Print and Web Journalism
  • COMM 309D International Communication: Media Technologies
  • COMM 309E International Communication: Public Relations
  • ECON 4410 Evolution of Economic Thought
  • ECON 4610 International Economics
  • FIN 3510 International Finance
  • FREN 3220 Phonetics and Conversation in French
  • FREN 3320 French Civilization
  • FREN 3330 Quebec Literature and Culture
  • FREN 3410 Business French
  • GEOG 1020 Geography of Europe, the Americas and Australi
  • GEOG 1030 Geography of Africa, Asia and Oceana
  • GEOG 3110 Geography of the United States and Canada
  • GEOG 3750 Geography of the African World
  • GERM 3220 Phonetics and Conversation in German
  • GERM 3410 Business German
  • GERM 3520 German Civilization, Culture, Geography II
  • HIST 3360 Modern Europe, 1919-Present
  • HIST 3410 Modern Germany
  • HIST 3450 Africa Since 1800
  • HIST 3470 Modern Latin America
  • HIST 3520 A History of Modern China
  • HIST 3620 Modern Japan
  • HIST 4730 U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1890
  • MGMT 4110 International Management
  • MKT 3410 International Marketing
  • MUS 2030 World Music
  • PHIL 2200 Religion and the World
  • PHIL 380A Composite World Religion
  • PHIL 380B Islam as a World View
  • POLS 2070 International Politics
  • POLS 3010 Comparative Politics
  • POLS 3020 American Foreign Policy
  • POLS 3070 Theories of International Relations
  • POLS 3110 British Politics and Government
  • POLS 3120 European politics
  • POLS 3140 Latin American Politics
  • POLS 3160 African Politics
  • POLS 451 Selected Topics
  • SOC 2500 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 3050 Race Relations and Minority Peoples
  • SOC 3070 Families Across Cultures
  • SOC 3750 Population and Society
  • SOC 3800 Women and Social Change
  • SPAN 3520 Spanish Civilization (II)
  • SPAN 3620 Spanish-American Civilization (II)
  • SPAN 3220 Phonetics and Conversation in Spanish
  • SPAN 3410 Business Spanish

III. Foreign Experience (3-6 hours)

Three to six semester hours of study abroad are required for the international studies minor. These hours are applied to study taken outside the United States and must receive prior approval as part of the minor by the coordinator of the International Studies Program.

Study Abroad in Africa

  • POLS 3360 Study Abroad: Africa

Study Abroad in German Speaking Countries

  • GERM 3040 Study Abroad in German Speaking Countries

Cooperative Center for Study Abroad: CCSA

  • CCSA courses. Courses are offered in English speaking countries

Study Abroad in Germany and France

  • HIST 490A The Holocaust Traveling Seminar

Study Abroad in Greece

  • GRK 1110 Elementary Modern Greek
  • GRK 3400 Greek Art and Archaeology

Study Abroad in Quebec, Canada

  • FREN 3040 Study Abroad in Quebec

Study Abroad in Spain

  • SPAN 3040 Study Abroad Program in Spanis
  • SPAN 304B Study Abroad--Spain

Exchange Program with the Université d’Orléans, France

  • FREN 3050 Semester Study in France

Exchange Program with Mid-Sweden University, Sweden

  • Semester study at Mid-Sweden University. Courses are taught in English and Swedish.


For more information about pursuing a minor in International Studies, please contact:

Dr. Karen Sorenson

Harned Hall, Room 142

P.O. Box 4487

(931) 221-6246


Follow this link to the International Studies website for additional information.