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Dr. Timothy Winters, classics dayFaculty

Prof. Timothy F. Winters, Ph.D. (Ohio State Univ.)  has been teaching Classics at the university level for 27  years.  His research interests are in Greek epigraphy, archaeology, and historiography.  Prof. Winters lived in Greece for two years where he studied at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.  He has directed APSU’s Study Abroad to Greece program since its inception in 1999.  He has also taught archaeology at the American School. 

Dr. Stephen Kershner, Ph.D. (SUNY Buffalo) studies post-Vergilian epic and Roman novels. He teaches a broad range of courses from elementary to upper division Latin, and many different civilization courses such as women in antiquity, sport in antiquity, and ancient religion.

Prof. George Pesely, Ph.D. (Univ. of California at Berkeley) is the professor of Ancient History.  His research interests are in Greek history of the Classical period, particularly the figure of Theramenes.  Prof. Pesely teaches courses in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Early Middle Ages, and Warfare in the Ancient World. 

 Mrs. Mary E. Winters, M.A. (Ohio State Univ.) has taught Latin and English for 30 years. She has sponsored many trips to Italy, Greece, and other destinations in Europe and elsewhere.  Mrs. Winters lived in Greece two years and has studied archaeology, art history, and mythology.  She currently teaches Latin, etymology, and mythology. 

 Dr. Lynn Sims, Ph.D., (Arizona State Univ.) teaches historical linguistics in the Dept. of Languages and Literature.  Her primary research interest is in Germanic linguistics.  Classics students often take her classes as they are pertinent for their specific interests.