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Students by the sea.

Classics for Summer and Fall 2014

The following course will be offered during the summer session for 2014:

CLAS 3310  Greek Mythology-

This is taught with all materials in English, and it is on line.  Instructor will be Dr. Tim Winters.

Courses for Fall 2014:



LATN 1010-05 CRN 2565 10 AM

Learning Latin is still the best way to learn English grammar, and to prepare for law school, med school, and of course to have access to some of the finest literature the world has known.  Language study is also the gateway to studying archaeology.

LATN 2010-09 CRN 2556  12:20  MWF

Second year Latin students generally read Caesar in the fall.

LATN 4300-  CRN   9:35-11 T/R

Upper division Latin students will read selections from Petronius's Satyricon, and from Apuleius's work The Golden Ass.


GREK 1010-03 CRN 2439  9 AM Elementary Greek

Learn to read the language of the New Testament, of Homer, Sappho, Plato, and Aristotle. Also necessary for anyone who wants to do archaeology in Greece.

GREK 2010-07 CRN 2440 11:15 MWF  Intermediate Greek

Second year Greek students will be reading Pausanias.

GREK 2110-03  CRN 2441  3:35-4:30

Intermediate Modern Greek

GREK 3710-11  CRN 2442  1:25 MWF  Greek Lyric Poetry

Upper division Greek students will be reading selections from Sappho, Solon, Tyrtaeus et al.


Courses with the CLAS prefix are taught in English and all readings are in English:

CLAS 3310-W1 CRN   Greek Mythology ON-LINE

Explore the world of Greek mythology.

CLAS 3210-13 CRN 2438 2:30 MWF

Greek Literature in Translation

Discover the roots of the western literary tradition.  it all begins with Homer.

CLAS 3520-  CRN  Women in Antiquity

Dr. Steve Kershner will explore the status of women in the Greek and Roman worlds. 

Also of interest to our Classics majors and other students are the offerings in History:

HIST 3300-08 CRN 1799 Greek History T/R  11:10

HIST 3300-12 CRN 1800 Greek History T/R 2:20

Prof. Cameron Sutt is teaching a graduate course on Medieval Warfare.  That may be of interest to some of our majors. 

HIST 5032-14  CRN 1828     T/R  3:55-5:20