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Department Map

Sometimes it is hard to find the lecture or lab that you are looking for, and even harder to find your professor's office. Please use the below map to help orient yourself to the rooms located in the chemistry department.

Our department is located on the third floor of Sundquist Science Center (SSC). To find SSC, please view the campus map located here. There are staircases located at the ends of each wing, a central staircase leading up from the lounge area, and two elevators. Once on the third floor, the main lecture halls (room numbers start with E) are found in the atrium area (hint: glass roof). The labs are located in the wings. The B-wing is physics, C-wing is biochemistry and physical chemistry, A-wing is general chemistry, and D-wing is organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry.

The chemistry office is located in A308. If all else fails, find this room and ask Mrs. Donna for help!

On the third floor, we have a library for studying. It has one computer and a printer. Additionally, the third floor has a computer lab in the C-wing that is open for all students when not in use by classes.

Printable APSU Chemistry Department Floor Plan

Office Number
Dr. Lisa SullivanA308
Dr. Carrie BrennanD318 (Inside D316)
Dr. Leslie HiattD317
Dr. Meagan MannC305
Dr. Fred MatthewsD304 (Inside D307)
Dr. Robin ReedC304
Dr. Ron RobertsonC303
Prof. Ashley McNeillD309
Dr. Marcia SchillingD320 (Inside D322)
Mrs. Donna LiverettA308
Mr. Ronald PalmerA312