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Chem 1011 - Chemistry: Society and the Environment

This course will only be offered online during the Spring 2015 semester. These labs will not be used by the online course. For archival purposes, the labs listed were used during the Fall 2014 semester.

Lab Manual for CHEM 1011  (password protected) and also found in your D2L course content. 

  • Week of August 25:  Safety and Laboratory Rule
  • Week of September 1:  Measurements and Density
  • Week of September 8:  Conversions in the Lab
  • Week of September 15:  Physical Changes and States of Matter
  • Week of September 22:   Gas Law Demonstrations (not found in Lab Manual)
  • Week of September 29:  Periodic Table Trends
  • Week of October 6:  Chemical Reactions of Household Chemicals
  • Week of October 13:  Naming Compounds
  • Week of October 20:  Molecular Shapes and Lewis Dot Structures
  • Week of October 27:  Solubility of a Salt in Water
  • Week of November 3:  Concentration of Solutions
  • Week of November 10:  Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents
  • Week of November 17:  Titration of Hydrochloric Acid with Sodium Hydroxide  (not found in Lab Manual)