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Chem 1011 - Chemistry: Society and the Environment

Fall 2014

Lab Manual for CHEM 1011  (password protected) and also found in your D2L course content. 

  • Week of August 25:  Safety and Laboratory Rule
  • Week of September 1:  Measurements and Density
  • Week of September 8:  Conversions in the Lab
  • Week of September 15:  Physical Changes and States of Matter
  • Week of September 22:   Gas Law Demonstrations (not found in Lab Manual)
  • Week of September 29:  Periodic Table Trends
  • Week of October 6:  Chemical Reactions of Household Chemicals
  • Week of October 13:  Naming Compounds
  • Week of October 20:  Molecular Shapes and Lewis Dot Structures
  • Week of October 27:  Solubility of a Salt in Water
  • Week of November 3:  Concentration of Solutions
  • Week of November 10:  Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents
  • Week of November 17:  Titration of Hydrochloric Acid with Sodium Hydroxide  (not found in Lab Manual)