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Christian Faculty & Staff Network

Austin Peay State University

Christian Faculty/Staff Network (CFSN)


CFSN was established in accordance with APSU Policy 2:011 "Faculty Organizations." The purpose of CFSN is to provide a forum for philosophical and theological dialogue among the growing community of Christian faculty, staff, and their spouses who wish to:

· Model excellence in their teaching, research, and service;

· Establish friendships with fellow seekers;

· Facilitate integration of their Christian faith into their professional lives;

· Promote thoughtful dialogue concerning the meaning and purpose of life; and

· Help interested faculty, staff, and students find a life-transforming personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


 A Leadership Team shall organize or approve activities of the CFSN.  The Leadership Team will be comprised of faculty and staff members from Austin Peay State University.  The Leadership Team must have at least three and no more than seven members.  Emeritus faculty and staff members may participate in the Leadership Team as non-voting members.    Each faculty member on the Leadership Team shall serve a term of two years. Terms can be renewed.   The Leadership Team will accept nominations from active members of the CFSN.  Nominations must be endorsed by an active member and agreed upon by the nominee at the time the name is sent forward to the Secretary of the CFSN to be considered for a leadership office.  From the nominations, the current Leadership Team will meet and confirm eligibility of those nominated for offices.  Eligibility will be determined by the nominees’ demonstrated spiritual maturity, servant leadership, and history of active involvement in the CFSN.  The leadership team will select and confirm new leaders based on the number of nominations and their active involvement in the CFSN.   In the event that there is only one person nominated for an office and that person is eligible and willing to serve, the Chairperson will notify members, and this person will fill the position for which he/she was nominated. 

Leadership Team officers will be selected in May for the coming academic two-year term.  Offices shall include Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, and Secretary/Treasurer.  Additional offices may include coordinators for programs for (1) faculty; (2) graduate students and international students; and (3) undergraduate students. 


 Membership in the Christian Faculty/Staff Network is open to any Austin Peay State University faculty and staff and their spouses.  No faculty or staff shall be denied membership because of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, handicap, or national origin. The various activities organized by the Christian Faculty/Staff Network are open to all members of the university community.


Meetings will be held as frequently as is determined helpful by the Leadership Team. Meetings may include planning sessions, informational and educational seminars, and an evening social each semester.  Activities include socials for international students, evening dinners for members, and occasional campus-wide events, such as special lectures or concerts.


 At this time, the CFSN will not collect annual dues. Should this policy change, a revised and updated constitution will be submitted to the University.

 University and National Compliance

 The Christian Faculty/Staff Network will not participate in any acts subversive to the welfare of the nation.   Additionally, the CFSN will comply with all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Tennessee Board of Regents and Austin Peay State University, in addition to all state laws and regulations. 

Get Connected

To  add your name and contact informtion to the CFSN e-mail list complete the online form at  You will receive e-mail notices of events sponsored or promoted by the Network.  You may also follow us on facebook.