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Internships and summer jobs provide students with experience that is needed to get a job in today's competitive job market. The majority of new hires have some type of internship or summer work experience. This helps students create and develop a sense of career objectives and increase their motivation to perform well in school. Experience as an intern or summer employee will help students start networking early and places the student in contact with potential employers. 

Carrie Taylor
Carrie Taylor
'17 Communication Arts; Event Intern with The Belle Hollow

My internship gave me a greater insight of daily tasks in event planning and solidified that I was choosing the right career path for myself.
Daria Cannon
'18 Industrial & Organizational Psychology; Intern with Enterprise Holdings

My internship has taught me that success is about your attitude and work ethic. This experience was so rewarding and shaped me to become more professional and have a more positive outlook on everyday life.
Aristeo Skyy Ruiz
'17 Communication Arts; Graphic Design Intern with APSU Public Relations and Marketing

My journey this semester has been a testament to my own understanding of working on a team with my supervisor as well as learning how I cope with a fast paced and thriving workplace.