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The Job Search

"Where do I look for a job?"

This is the big question on many job seekers' minds. Although there are a lot of ways to explore the job market, researching online is a good way to start. On most websites, you can find information about what a company or organization does, what kinds of jobs they have and even ideas about where else to look for opportunities in your field.

The Office of Career Services has compiled lists of some useful links to job search engines, government agencies and businesses. As you explore, remember that websites are only a beginning. Further research is crucial to your success. Talk to family, friends, classmates, teachers and coworkers about your career goals; 70-90% of jobs are still found by networking. Follow up on leads, but be patient. Finding a career match takes time. If you need help in your search, please contact the Career Services Center. Our services are free to students and alumni.

As always, we appreciate any suggestions you have about links to add to our online lists.

What are you waiting for? Take me to the job links!