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Very few people receive a job offer after a first interview. Therefore, it is very important to follow up with the prospective employer. It is a good idea to follow up the interview with a thank letter. This fixes on the prospective employer's mind a clear image of you as a competent, qualified, interesting person. He may interview numerous people, all of whom begin to fade into an indistinguishable blur after a while. Your letter can remind him of your interest and add information you may have omitted. Your persistence in doing so may be the very factor that prompts an invitation for subsequent interviews as well as allow you to maintain contact and possibly more job leads. Be warned, however, if it is not a carefully written, carefully thought through letter, its effect may be the opposite of the intended purpose.

Remember the following:

  • Mention in the letter that you will stay in touch with his/her office by telephone and indicate on what day you will make your first call. For example, "I will check with your office on Tuesday, December 5 to see if you may require additional information."
  • Maintain telephone contacts as long as there is any possibility that a position could develop.
  • Upon determining that there are no possibilities with the company, ask for leads and referrals to other companies. If you have impressed a potential employer who was unable to place you at the time, a referral from him/her provides a very favorable reference in the next interview.