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Off-Campus/On-Campus Entities

The Morgan University Center Facilities Office would like to highlight the following guidelines. It is our expectation that non-University users be aware of and adhere to APSU Policy No.3:001 as well as the specifications of their APSU Facilities Contract.


  • Specific facility room requests will be honored, if possible. However, to facilitate maximum use of facilities, the Morgan University Center Facilities Office reserves the right to assign a space based upon expected attendance and set-up needs, and other conflicting events and/or space needs. Please note: to assure that the space you are assigned meets your needs you will be contacted before automatically being assigned another space.
  • Based upon the nature of the event, as described in the reservation request, additional facilities staff may be assigned to your event to provide technical assistance. If additional facilities staff are assigned this will result in a personnel cost. Notification of the cost will be on your confirmation.
  • Per the APSU Facilities Contract, failure to cancel a reservation 3 days prior to your event will result in a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Reservations Request Forms