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John X. Volker

Professor of Management

Kimbrough 229
Phone: (931) 221-7738

Ph.D., Walden University
B.S., M.B.A. Murray State University

Courses Taught at Austin Peay

MGT 3110 Organizational Behavior and Theory
MGT 3610 Entrepreneurship
MGT 3630 Creativity and Ideation
MGT 4010 Evolution of Management Thought
MGT 5010 Business Foundations
MGT 5040 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
MKT 3710 Business Mapping 

Awards and Honors

Socrates Award, 2001


Anderson, S.J., Phillips, M., Volker, J. (2012). Business Literacy and Entrepreneurship: The Nice to Know and the Need to Know. Business Journal for Entrepreneurs.

Volker, J., Phillips, M., & Anderson, S.J. (2011).  Storytelling: A Portal to Understanding Entrepreneurial Organizations.  Journal of Marketing Development and Competiveness.

Phillips, M., Volker, J., & Anderson, S.J. (2010). Understanding Small Private Retail Firm Growth Using the Sustainable Growth Model. The Journal of Finance and Accountancy.

Anderson, S.J., Volker, J., & Phillips, M. (2009). Traditional Web Site Attitudes, Usage, and Satisfaction. The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge.

Anderson, S.J., Volker, J., & Phillips, M. (2009). “Converse’s Breaking-Point Model Revised”. Journal of Management & Marketing Research, 2.

Phillips, M., Volker, J., & Anderson, S. (2008). A Behavioral Comparison of Financial Ratios for Different Sized Privately-Held Retail and Service Business. Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business.

Anderson, S.J., Volker, J., & Phillips, M. (2008). The Forensic Marketing Case Study Method. SAM Advanced Management Journal.