Wall Street Journal Student Award
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Wall Street Journal Award

The Educational Service Bureau of Dow Jones developed the Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award program in 1948. The scholarship program is a collaborative effort between the Wall Street Journal and participating universities to honor excellence in the academics.  Recipients of the Wall Street Journal Award were chosen by the faculty and primarily chosen from the Finance or Accounting concentrations.  In 2010, the award was discontinued, but the College of Business has developed another recognition program, the College of Business Advisory Board Award of Excellence.

1960   Wayne Nance   1985   Dorothy J. Simmons
1961   William J. Gratsy   1986   Penny Devroe
1962   William R. Simmons   1987   Ginger Gaye Nolen
1963   Lawrence E. Baggett   1988   James B. Winthrow
1964   Karen Gowen   1989   Stanley R. Burgett
1965   Patricia Gaines Goodwin   1990   Donna M. Mudd
1966   Jerry L. Weatherspoon   1991   Angelia M. Phibbs
1967   Nancy S. Hurst   1992   Macy Ray
1968   Wayne Howard Pace   1993   Ron O. Carryl
1969   Barbra K. Whitaker   1994   None
1970   David Leon Bibb   1995   Jennifer Daniel
1970   Alan W. Tate   1996   Petra Moore
1971   Percy E. Dempsey III   1997   None
1972   Wanda Jo Richardson   1998   Peggy England
1973   Sandra Hewitt   1999   None
1974   Judy Richardson   2000   None
1975   Debra Morgan   2001   None                      
1976   Ruby Durbin   2002   Lesley Hewitt
1977   Dianne Brown   2003   Irina Ikenberry
1978   Judy Brown Jackson   2004   Rebecca L. Jenkins
1979   Charles Akersloot   2005   None
1980   Mary Jo Harris   2006   Feras Sadik
1981   Thomas M. Henry   2007   Megan M. Lathrop
1982   Bradley S. O'Shoney   2008   Michelle Permenter
1983   Patty H. Sheppard   2009   None
1984   Kevin D. Shearon   2010   Mandy Arndt