Gonfalon Carriers
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College of Business Gonfalon Carriers

Student marshals from each college leads the graduates into their Commencement ceremony.  These students, selected for academic excellence in their discipline, carry what are known as gonfalons.  Banners, such as these, have been used since medieval times in graduation ceremonies to symbolize the different academic areas within the university. 

Below are the names of students selected by the College of Business to serve as Gonfalon Carriers for their graduating semester.

Spring 2010         Mandy Arndt     Finance, Management
Summer 2010        
Fall 2010   Natalija Vnukovica   Finance
Spring 2011   Kristy Frye   Accounting
Summer 2011   David Diehl   Management
Fall 2011   Kelvin Samuel   Accounting
Spring 2012   Kaitlyn Wood   Management
Summer 2012   Marcus Marotti   Accounting
Fall 2012   David De La Rosa   General Business
Spring 2013   Kaitlin Neely   Marketing
Summer 2013   Kasey Panczer   Marketing
Fall 2013   Emi Laplante   Accounting
Spring 2014   Christopher Kelly   Accounting
Summer 2014   Aaron Birt   Finance
Fall 2014   Benjamin Jaeger   Accounting
Spring 2015   Kali Cooper   Management
Summer 2015   Francisco Vasquez   Management
Fall 2015   Dimitar Ristovski   International Management
Spring 2016   Lauren Maki   Accounting, International Management
Summer 2016   Joshua Dickens   Management
 Fall 2016    Audrionna Purcell   Accounting
Spring 2017    Joshua White    Marketing
 Summer 2017    Aishia Jackson    Management
 Fall 2017   George Bezold   Accounting
 Spring 2018