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Spring 2017 Recognition Dinner RSVP

Recognition Dinner for College of Business BBA and MSM Graduates

Thursday, May 4, 2017, 6 p.m., Morgan University Center Ballroom

Please do not submit the web form below until you have received your invitation from the College of Business Dean's Office. 

Please fill out the RSVP and questionnaire below even if you are unable to attend your recognition dinner.  An RSVP and attendance are required in order to receive the Dean's gift to you, an engraved diploma frame. 

Please type "yes" if you are able to attend the upcoming Recognition Dinner or "no" if you are not able. Regardless, please fill in the remainder of this form so that we can follow your progress as a College of Business alumnus.
Please check your concentration (if you're in the BBA program) or check MSM if you're in the Master of Science in Management Program.
Please type in your permanent or personal email address--one that you'll still be checking a couple of years from now--and double check that it's correct! This address will be used to send you job announcements in which APSU CoB grads are being sought.
Please fill in your permanent mailing address (the address you will use after you graduate). This may be your parent's address.
Please list (1) your cell phone number and (2) home number (yours or your parent's if you do not yet have a home of your own yet). Please list the area code first in this manner 931-123-4256.
How are you listed on Facebook?
If you have procurred a post-graduation job, please list it here. If you haven't, please type "none."
Please type "none" if you have not yet procurred a job.