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Permission for Admittance into Course Form (PAC)

Please note that incomplete PAC forms will not be considered for approval.  Fill out the form completely and use ONLY one PAC form per class. 

This is to be used for College of Business courses only.

Please be sure to use your student Austin Peay email address (
example: MGT 4810, Section 3
What is the CRN (course registration number) for the course listed above?
This course is in which term?
Which permit are you requesting? CAP - I cannot register for the course because it is full, according to Web Self Service. MAJOR - I cannot register for the course because I am not in the BBA program. PREQ - I cannot register for the course because I have not yet fulfilled the prerequisites.
Please provide an explanation as to why you need this section specifically. Give all information needed. If this class is closed, please provide more information that is not understood (i.e., the class is closed).