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Internship Testimonials

“An internship provides students with a great opportunity to expose themselves to real-world problems so that they can apply theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to a practical setting.

Dr. Xin Zhang - Associate Professor of Decision Science

"The APSU College of Business offered me the opportunity to grow outside of the classroom and by accepting an internship, the experience was invaluable. It has propelled me into a full-time career at a quicker rate by exposing me to the corporate world."

Ryan Givens - Intern

“Internships provide invaluable experience and open a world of
opportunities for students.”

Lesley Davidson - Instructor of Accounting

"By involving yourself in an internship program, you are obtaining real-world experience that cannot be taught in a classroom.  I was very blessed to receive an internship with a prestigious local firm that led to the full-time job offer I received when I graduated."

Catherine Smith - Stone, Rudolph & Henry, PLC Intern

"An internship bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world.  So any student who takes it seriously will certainly have a competitive edge over his/her peers on the job market"

Dong Nyonna - Associate Professor of Finance

“I am so glad that I got the opportunity to serve as an intern for such a hardworking department, and I am thankful for the experience and knowledge I gained through the job.”

Jane Stevens - APSU Athletics Marketing Intern

"Almost every entry level job I applied for after graduating preferred a candidate with one or more years of experience. With the experience of my internship on my resume, I was able to land my first job one month after graduating while many of my peers without that experience searched for months.  Hands on experience, I found, is just as important to most companies as a degree!"

Kristy Frye, - City of Clarksville Finance & Revenue Intern

“Many times the experience and contacts made while doing an internship will be the deciding factor for a student being hired by a specific company.”

Dr. John Volker - Professor of Management