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APSU College of Business Internship Program

What is an internship?
Internships provide experiential learning opportunities to students while giving them the chance to incorporate the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom in a professional environment.  An intern can gain valuable, practical experience and network with individuals in their career field.

Requirements for
Internship Program

  • Interns must be a junior or senior business major with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Internships must be relevant to the student's coursework.

Internship Forms

Internship Agreement for Accounting/Finance Students

Internship Agreement for Management/Marketing Students

Performance Appraisal
(for Onsite Supervisor)

Internship Course Syllabus

  • The internship must be paid and the Internship Coordinator must be provided with a job description.
  • Students approved for the internship program must register for the appropriate course (which is pass/fail).

  • Students must coordinate their internship with the Internship Coordinator and their Academic Advisor to ensure they get academic credit for the experience.