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 Dr. Gloria Miller


Associate Professor of Management

Kimbrough 233


 Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee ('15)
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee ('06)

Academic Interests
Cultural Intelligence, Diversity, Mentoring, Teamwork, Human Resource Management, Interviewing, Ethics, Study Abroad

Selected Publications
McCarthy, V., Miller, G., Cockrell, S., & Meyer, D. (2017). Establishing an ethic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business school students: A comparative study of accounting and non-accounting majors, Journal of Ethical and Legal Issues, 11, 1-13.

James, M.X., Miller, G. J., and Wyckoff, T.W.  (2017). Comprehending the Cultural Causes of English Writing Plagiarism in Chinese Students at a Western-Style University, Journal of Business Ethics.

Jesinoski, T. and Miller, G.J. (2016). Entrepreneurial Human Relations and Organizational Behavior, Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, 4, 30-49.

Miller, G.J. (2016).  Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship.  A book review of Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The Real Secret to Success by David Livermore, Ph.D.

Miller, G.J. (2015).  The Effect of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence on Mentor and Protégé Perceptions of Attitude Homophile and Relationship Quality in Culturally Diverse Mentoring Relationships, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. (dissertation)