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 Dr. Victoria McCarthy


Associate Professor of Management
Chair of the Department of Management, Marketing, & General Business
Kimbrough 235


 Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., University of Oklahoma ('04)
M.P.A., Murray State University ('97)
B.A., Georgia State University ('91)

Academic Interests
Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Leadership, Sustainability, Organizational Leadership

Selected Publications
Covella, G.A., McCarthy, V.M., Kaifi, B.A., & Corcoran, D. J. (2017). Leadership’s role in employee retention, Business Management Dynamics, 7(4), 30-45.

McCarthy, V., Miller, G., Cockrell, S., & Meyer, D. (2017). Establishing an ethic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business school students: A comparative study of accounting and non-accounting majors, Journal of Ethical and Legal Issues, 11, 1-13.

McCarthy, V. & Plummer, J. (2016).  Management information systems and the protection of private information: An ethical framework for decision makers in organizations.  Journal of Information Systems Technology & Planning, 8(19), 128-136.

McCarthy, V. (2015). Growth mindset as an antecedent for self-confidence and effective leadership.  Journal of Business Leadership. Summer, 14-23.

 McCarthy, V. & Hulsart, V. (2014). Waging war on global white collar crime: The case of Finmeccanica in India. Journal of Strategic and International Studies, IX(2), 120- 124.

Hulsart, R. & McCarthy, V. (2013). Learning to lead through an ethical and financial crisis, International Journal of Accounting Information Science and Leadership, 5(15), 27-53.