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2014-2015 Dean's Ambassadors Application

Applicants for the Dean's Ambassadors of the College of Business must:

  • have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • be a Junior/Senior who will not graduate before May 2015
  • be available for meeting twice a month 
  • be willing to serve the College and uphold the Code of Ethics of the DACOB

If you have any questions, contact Leslie Morrow at 221-1283 or email

** Filling out this application does not ensure that you are selected as a Dean's Ambassador, as there are a specific amount of seats per concentration and a review committee will make the selection as to who serves as an Ambassador.

What is your primary business concentration?
Please use your Austin Peay email address.
Please attach a short essay (saved in Microsoft Word) explaining why you want to serve as a Dean's Ambassador for the College of Business. Include your skills, involvement on campus, service activities as well as any other information that you think the review committee should be informed of.