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Federal Perkins Loan Repayment

Shortly after you leave APSU, you will begin repaying your Perkins Loan(s). Read below for information about billing and payments. If you have additional questions, please call us at (931) 221-7680.

When do I have to start repaying my Perkins Loan?

After you leave APSU, your Perkins Loan will enter a grace period. During the grace period, no principal payments are due, but interest may accrue depending on the type of loan. Please click the “Terms and Interest Rate” tab to the left for grace period length and interest accrual information.

During the grace period, you will receive statements reflecting any accruing interest. You can pay it during the grace period OR pay it with your first payment.

When are my payments due?

Shortly after you leave APSU, you will receive a repayment schedule for each of your loans. Once repayment begins, you will receive billing statements one month in advance. Payment is due on the first (1st) of each month.

How do I pay?

Remit payment with your statement. If you lose your statement, mail a check that includes your loan account number to APSU Perkins Loans, Box 4635, Clarksville, TN 37044. If you need to overnight your payment to us, use the following street address: 601 College St., Browning 148B, Clarksville, TN 37040.

How can I make extra payments?

If you send a payment that is greater than the amount due, we will apply the additional funds toward the principal balance of the loan(s). The overpayment will be prorated across all loan accounts based on loan balances. If you would like the funds distributed differently, please include instructions regarding how funds should be applied to the loan(s).

Can I make payments in advance for a period of time?

With your payment, indicate the period of time the payment is to cover. The extra money will go into a suspense account from which future payments will be drawn. No billing statements will be generated during that time.