Budget Briefing Information
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Budget Briefing Information

Budget Proposals

Budget proposals for new and mandatory funding must be submitted by budget managers using the  PDF Budget Proposal form.  All fields on the Budget Proposal form are required fields. All completed forms need to be emailed to financeAdmin@apsu.edu by 4:30 pm Friday, February 2.  Forms submitted after the deadline will not be sent to the College/Division for prioritization. The Budget and Financial Planning Office will compile the proposals and send them to the College/Division for prioritization.

Strategic Planning and Budget Proposals:

As you plan for the next fiscal year, please keep the Leading through Excellence 2015-2025 Strategic Plan in mind. At every level, thinking strategically helps the University move towards the goals outlined in the strategic plan. Though all goals are important, setting yearly goals that are ‘wildly important goals’, or WIGs, help move certain parts of the plan that are essential to the success of other parts of the plan. As part of the budgeting process, sharing our WIGs is an important part of the process. Please keep the following in mind as you plan:

  1. Compensation
  2. Student Success/Retention
  3. Program Creation/Innovation
  4. International/Graduate Growth

Purpose of Budget Briefings

The budget proposals will be reviewed and prioritized in each reporting unit and presented at a budget briefing by each Vice President/Dean.  The presentation provides the opportunity to explain and discuss priority funding proposals for the upcoming year and their relationship to the strategic plan and institutional effectiveness.