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APSU Student Learning Outcomes-BRAVO

Whether you major in chemistry, sociology, or theatre, all APSU students are intended to graduate with the same broad student learning outcomes. Thorough knowledge of your content area (a.k.a. major) is important, but employers throughout the country want to know that you can apply your knowledge to the real world. Employers and educators think all students have certain abilities no matter their major.
Nation-wide colleges are being asked to place more emphasis on traits such as communicating
effectively, working in a team, considering global implications of your work, using quantitative data intelligently, and engaging with your community.

A campus-wide faculty/student team considered national research suggesting that students come away with more than knowledge and skills specific to their major. Our work resulted in the development of APSU’s Student Learning Outcomes With APSU’s 1984 designation as the Tennessee Board of Regent’s liberal arts institution in mind the faculty/student team developed BRAVO: Basics, Reasoning, Awareness, Values, and Outcomes.

What is BRAVO?

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