Dr. Jefferson Lebkuecher Biography
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Jefferson G. Lebkuecher

ProfessorJeff Lebkuecher

Sundquist Science Complex, Room C219
P.O. Box 4718
Clarksville, TN 37044
(931) 221-6249
email: lebkuecherj@apsu.edu


Ph.D. Vanderbilt Universuty (Plant Physiology and Ecology), 1991
M.S. Tennessee Technological University (Biology), 1987
B.S. Tennessee Technological University (Biology), 1985 


Botanical Diversity, Plant Physiology, Phycology, Morphology of Vascular Plants

Research Interests

Plant Mophology, Plant Physiology

Selected Publications

Lebkeucher, J. G., E. N. Tuttle, J. L. Johnson, and N. K. S. Willis. 2015. Use of algae to assess the trophic state of a stream in middle Tennesse. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 30(3):349-376.

Lebkuecher, J. G., S. M. Rainey, C. B. Williams, and A J. Hall. 2011. Impacts of nonpoint-source pollution on the structure of diatom assemblages, whole-stream oxygen metabolism, and growth of Selenastrum capricornutum in the Red River Watershed of North-Central Tennessee. Castanea 76(3):279-292.

Lebkuecher. J.G., L.E. Altmon, G.K. Harris. K.L. Wallace, AR. Wilding. 2002. Dissipation of excitation energy during development of photosystem 2 photochemistry in Helianthus annuus. Photosynthetica 40(2):301-304.

Lebkuecher, J.G., AS. Flynt, R.A Houtman, C.M. Loreant. 2000. Relationships between primary photochemistry and primary production in streams with differing water qualities. Southern Association of Agricultural Science Bulletin of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 13:63-68.

Lebkuecher, J.G., K.A Haldeman, C.E. Harris, S.L., Holz, S.A Joudah, and D.A Minton. 1999. Development of photosystem-II activity during irradiance of etiolated Helianthus (Asteraceae) seedlings. American Journal of Botany 86(8):1087-1092.

Lebkuecher, J.G. and R.A Houtman. 1999. The use of chlorophyll a fluorescence to examine the effects of water quality on primary photochemistry. Southern Association of Agricultural Science Bulletin of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 12:49-52.

Lebkuecher, J.G., L.F. Barber, and M.L. Schoultz. 1998. The use of chlorophyll fluorescence to detect photosystem-II heterogeneity. Southern Association of Agricultural Science Bulletin of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 11 :51-56.

Lebkuecher, J.G., T.D. Neville, K.L. Wallace, and L.F. Barber. 1998. Primary production in sandy-bottom streams of the West Sandy Creek watershed of Tennessee. Castanea 63(2):130-137.

Lebkuecher, J.G. and R.A Houtman. 1999. Characteristics of photoautotrophic periphyton and unialgal cultures grown in situ within the Sulphur Fork Creek Watershed. Proceedings of the Eighth Symposium on the Natural History of Lower Tennessee and Cumberland River Valleys. Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN. Pgs 47-55.

Lebkuecher, J.G. 1997. Desiccation-time limits of photosynthetic recovery in Equisetum Hyemale L. (Equisetaceae) spores. American Journal of Botany 84(6):792-797.

Lebkuecher, J.G., C.J. Chabot, and T.D. Neville. 1996. Phytoplankton production in West Sandy Bay, Kentucky Lake. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 71 (2):36-40.