Dr. Rebecca Johansen Biography
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Rebecca Johansen

Professor, Curator of Ichthyology

Graduate Program CoordinatorRebecca Johansen

Sundquist Science Complex, Room D116
P.O. Box 4718
Clarksville, TN 37044
(931) 221-7774
email: johansenr@apsu.edu
Google Scholar:
Johansen Lab webpage: 


Ph.D. Tulane University (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), 2007
M.S. Eastern Kentucky University (Biology), 2001
B.S. Eastern Kentucky University (Biology), 1998


Ichthyology, Zoological Diversity, Contemporary Issues in Biology

Research Interests

Fish Systematics, Phylogeography, Population Genetics

Selected Publications

Baker, W. H., R. E. Blanton, & C. E. Johnston.  2013. Diversity within the Redeye Bass, Micropterus coosae (Perciformes: Centrarchidae) species complex, with descriptions of four new species.  Zootaxa, 3635 (4): 379-401.

Blanton, R.E., L.M. Page, & S.A. Hilber.  2013. Timing of clade divergence and discordant estimates of genetic and morphological diversity in the Slender Madtom, Noturus exilis (Ictaluridae).  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 66: 679-693.

Blanton, RE., L.M. Page, & B.M. Ennis. 2011. Phylogenetic relationships of Opsopoeodus emiliae (Cyprinidae), with comment on the taxonomic implications of discordance among datasets. Copeia (1):82-92.

Bart, H.L., Jr., M.D. Clements, RE. Blanton, K.R. Piller, & D.L. Hurley. 2010. Discordant morphological and molecular evolution in buffalofishes (Catostomidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 56: 808-820.

Blanton, RE. & G.A. Schuster. 2008. Taxonomic status of Etheostoma brevispinum (Coker), the Carolina Fantail Darter. Copeia 4:844-857.

Blanton, RE. & R.E. Jenkins. 2008. Three new darter species of the federally-endangered Etheostoma percnurum species complex (percidae, subgenus Catonotus) from the Tennessee and Cumberland river drainages. Zootaxa 1963:1-24.