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A.        Application for Admittance to the Graduate School

December -- Last day for accepting application by new or readmitted students for the Spring semester.

May -- Last day for accepting application by new or readmitted students for the Summer semester.

July -- Last day for accepting application by new or readmitted students for the Fall semester.

For specific dates see the University Calendar in the Schedule of Classes. Late applications for admission or readmission to the College of Graduate Studies for any given semester will be processed if they are received by the Graduate Office within two days after regular registration for that semester. Applicants after deadlines will be required to register late. A late registration fee of $10 will be assessed. In addition, new applicants must pay a $5 application fee.

B.        Application for Graduate Assistantship

March 1 for the next academic year. Students are required to re-apply for a graduate assistantship. Application forms can be obtained from the Graduate Office and the Department of Biology office.

C.        Committee Selection

Upon entering the Graduate Program, the Coordinator of the Graduate Program will serve as an advisor to all graduate students if a Major Professor has not been selected. A Major Professor should be chosen by the end of the first semester in residence. The duties of a Major Professor include assisting the student in choosing members of their Graduate Committee (Major Professor and two other graduate faculty), guiding the composition of a thesis proposal, and supervising the thesis research. The role of the Graduate Committee is to: approve the program of study, make recommendations on the thesis proposal, approve the thesis proposal, and administer the oral examination. The form for committee selection can be obtained from the Graduate Office.

D.        Application for Candidacy

Students admitted to the College of Graduate Studies in a degree seeking status must become candidates for their respective degrees before they complete 15 degree credits.

One may apply for candidacy if they have completed the following:

In connection with the application for CANDIDACY FOR THE DEGREE, a PROGRAM OF STUDY form must be completed. This form requires one to list the courses you have already completed, courses now enrolled in, and the courses to be completed in the program of study.

E.         Comprehensive Examination

During the last semester in residence, the candidate must pass a comprehensive oral examination on all work used to meet the requirements for the degree. The examination is a test of the candidate's ability to integrate knowledge of their major and related fields, including material in the thesis or research paper. In case the performance is unsatisfactory, the candidate may be re-examined after a minimum of three months and before a maximum of twelve months, unless otherwise approved by the Graduate Dean. The result of the second examination will be final. Unanimous agreement by the student's committee is necessary for passing the examination.

F.         Application for Graduation

Spring semester January 31 - May Commencement

Summer semester June 1 - December Commencement

Fall semester September 1 - December Commencement

Graduation Fee - $35 (includes commencement regalia)

A student must make an appointment with the Graduate Dean for a final checkout during the next to the last semester in which he/she expects to complete requirements for a degree. Application forms for graduation may be obtained from the Graduate Office.

Students selecting Plan I (non-thesis or non-research paper) will be required to complete an independent research project designed and executed by the student. This project will be administered and approved by the student's major professor. The student will submit a paper approved by the student's Graduate Committee Chair to the Graduate Office for acceptance and final approval. A written report of this project will be placed on file in the graduate office and the student will present an oral report to students and faculty of the Department of Biology.

Penultimate drafts of papers (Plan I), research papers (Plan II) and theses (Plan III) must be submitted to the Graduate Dean for review and approval at least three weeks before the end of the semester in which the student expects to complete degree requirements. The use of the Tennessee Conference of Graduate Schools Guide to The Preparation of Theses and Dissertations and current literary or research style manuals is expected. Four copies of the final document must be submitted at least three days before the semester's end.