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Biology Faculty and Students in the News



Students in Dr. Sergei Markov's class created the above video for a class assignment.


Biology professor awarded state contract to study endangered plants
The Braun’s rock-cress is a strange-looking little plant with star-shaped hairs covering its stems and leaves. It grows almost exclusively in the shade, usually around rock outcroppings in forests, and if you were to happen upon it, you might mistake it for a weed. The odds of you finding a Braun’s rock-cress, however, are extremely rare. The peculiar plant is only found in two areas of the world, and in the mid-1990s, it was listed as a federally endangered species. Earlier this year, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation awarded APSU professor of biology Dr. Carol Baskauf a $10,000 contract to study the population genetics of the plant species, and her research may provide valuable information aiding efforts to protect this plant.

Recent Publications:

Lebkuecher, J. G., S. M. Rainey, C. B. Williams, and A. J. Hall. 2011. Impacts of nonpoint-source pollution on the structure of diatom assemblages, whole-stream oxygen metabolism, and growth of Selenastrum capricornutum in the Red River Watershed of North-Central Tennessee. Castanea 7693);279-292.

Recent Awards:

Professor Emeritus Wayne Chester, Ph.D., was recently awarded the Tennessee Native Plant Society Conservation Award for 2011.