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2014 Biology Boot Camp

Are you currently enrolled in Biology 1110/1111 for Fall 2014?

Would you like to learn more about how to develop study skills and learning communities that will help you in your Biology 1110/1111 class?

Would you like to learn more about scientific writing before your first lab report is due?

Then please apply to participate in 2014 Biology Boot Camp! The purpose of this camp is to help prepare you to be successful in this course and develop study skills.

The average DFW rate for this course is about 34%, meaning that 34% of the students that take this course either receive a D, F or withdraw from the course. Our research has shown that over 55% of the students in this group have a high school GPA of 3.0 and higher (while almost 18% of students in the DFW group have a high school GPA of 3.5 and higher). This shows us that students may not be prepared for the rigors of a college level science course that covers typically three chapters a week and has exams that can cover over seven chapters at a time. Developing the proper study skills is critical to student success, not only in this course but in other courses as well.

We are offering you the opportunity to attend boot camp from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm every day from August 10th-August 15th. Local students may stay at their home and commute but ALL are invited (and encouraged) to stay at the Riverview Inn for the duration of the Boot Camp to help build learning communities.

The registration fee for Biology Boot Camp is $375.00 and this cost includes your textbook and lab manual, all of your food for the week and your hotel stay. Students not staying at the hotel still have a $375.00 registration fee. This program was held for the first time last year with grant monies provided by TBR and proved to be effective for the majority of participants. We would like to see continued success for the 2014 Biology Boot Camp participants. 

The DEADLINE for 2014 Biology Boot Camp is July 25th and the registration fee MUST be paid at that time. To attend Biology boot camp you must do two things-

1) Please fill out the application below- remember- you MUST be currently enrolled for BIO 1110/1111 for Fall 2014 to be eligible for Biology Boot Camp. We CANNOT accept more than 50 participants so please register early to reserve yourself a spot!

2) Pay your registration fee! If your fee is not paid by July 25th you will not be allowed to participate. To pay your registration fee please call the cashiers window at 931-221-7682 and tell them you are calling to pay your registration fee for Biology Boot Camp. They will give you a receipt or email you a receipt and will also send one to me for proof of payment.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Dr. Karen Meisch, or (931)-221-7780.

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