Bulk Mailing Service
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Bulk Mailing Service

Non Profit/Bulk Mail Guidelines:

The term "bulk mail" refers to larger quantities of a specific mail piece prepared for mailing at reduced postage. Bulk prices are lower than "single-piece" prices. "Single-piece" means that you pay the full postage price; when you put a stamp on a letter, you're paying the single-piece postage. Many mailers pay single-piece postage even though they are doing large mailings. Why? Because they don’t want to do any extra preparation work—they don’t have the time, or it’s just not cost effective for their business.

APSU Post Office is set up and has the equipment to assist you with your bulk mailing needs. 

For any questions please feel free to contact us at (931) 221-6161, email us at APSUPostOffice@apsu.edu.


Minimum Quantities for a Bulk Mailing

To qualify for certain postage discounts, you must mail a minimum number of pieces:

500 + pieces for First Class - 13 oz. or less

200 + pieces for Standard, Non-Profit – less than 16 oz.

300 + pieces for Bound Printed Matter – 15 lbs or less


The following must be sent via First-Class Mail:

1-3 days delivery time

Bills and checks

Account statements

Handwritten materials

Typed materials

Personal correspondence


The following can be sent via Standard/Non Profit Mail:

2-9 days delivery time



Donation solicitations




The APSU Post Office has specialized equipment to assist departments with their Bulk mailings and must be processed a specific way in order to qualify for the discounted postage . Please contact us before you start preparing your mailing so we can walk you through the easy to follow steps. We will need an Excel spreadsheet with your addresses emailed to APSUPostOffice@apsu.edu and a signed meter slip with Banner FOAP.

During your preperation process please contact us to give us an advance notice and allow us to properly staff for your mailing day.

APSU Post Office maintains and monitors the Permit #388 for Bulk mailing and must have 1-2 Business days before submitting the finished Bulk mail to USPS.