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Change of Address Form

This form will be used to temporarily forward your mail /packages during breaks or between terms. APSU Post Office can not forward UPS, FedX OR DHL packages. We will only forward U.S. Postal Services (USPS) mail/packages. Please supply all the information to APSU Post Office so we can assure your mail is being sent to the correct address. If permanently leaving the university, moving off campus or graduating remember to update your APSU One Stop because APSU Post Office will not update this information. Also go to and submit a change of address also leave APSU Post Office a temporary address to forward your mail to until USPS forward goes into effect. If says you have a unique zip code come by APSU Post Office and we will help you with the problem. Thank you

Please use First name, Middle Initial, Last Name.
Please provide Street Address, PO Box or APT#, or Suite#; City/Town, State and Zip Code. If you are leaving the university, moving off campus or graduating please submit a change of address form with no end date or contact Lynn Suiter at 221-6378 with a temporary address so mail can be forwarded to you until U.S. Postal Services (USPS) takes effect. If no address is supplied to APSU Post Office mail/packages will be Returned to Sender. If there are any questions please contact Lynn Suiter at 221-6378 or