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Austin Peay Technology Committee

APSU Technology Committee

The Technology Committee provides leadership in all areas of technology at APSU.  It recommends expenditures of Technology Access Fee Funds and coordinates the planning for technology. 

The membership of the Technology Committee shall be four faculty members who represent academic technology systems; four staff members who represent administrative systems; a student; one Dean, the Assistant Vice President for Finance; the Director of Computer Services; and the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

The faculty and staff members will serve staggered, two-year terms, no member will serve more than two terms consecutively, however, members may be nominated, by their respective council, for subsequent two year terms provided that a minimum one year break in service has occurred; the student will be selected annually by the President of the Student Government Association; the Dean will serve a two-year term and will be selected by the Deans Council; and, the Director of Computer Services and the Assistant Vice President for Finance will be permanent voting members of the Technology Committee by virtue of position, i.e., ex officio, with vote. The Assistant Vice President for Finance will both represent the business computing systems area and advise the Board Committee on the availability and definitions of the various funds for technology; and the proper use of each.

The Faculty Senate, in conjunction with the Academic Technology Council, will nominate two new faculty representatives and one faculty alternate per year to the President; the Support Staff Council, in conjunction with the Administrative Systems Council, will nominate two staff representatives and one staff alternate to the President. The President will then refer those nominated names to the Technology Committee for review.

The chair of the Technology Committee is appointed by the President and shall alternate between an academic and administrative representative of the Technology Committee. The chair must have served on the Technology Committee the previous years.

Mission Statement

The Technology Committee of Austin Peay State University serves as the institution's primary focus for the dissemination of information about technology and for the distribution and implementation of the means for technologically enhanced teaching and learning. 

The Technology Committee supports delivery of technology for teaching and learning through technology centers, enhanced classrooms and other instructional delivery systems, library information systems, and access to intranet, Internet, and World Wide Web resources. The Technology Committee also supports the enhanced communication and services possible through technological innovation..