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APSU Technology Committee

Technology Committee Mission Statement

 The Technology Committee of Austin Peay State University serves as the institution's primary focus for the dissemination of information about technology and for the distribution and implementation of the means for technologically enhanced teaching and learning. The committee has the responsibility for prioritizing technology equipment requests for funding consideration and makes recommendation to the President regarding the use of the technology access fees (TAF) that are consistent with the Three-Year Technology and Five-Year Strategic plans for the University. The committee monitors TAF expenditures to ensure compliance with Tennessee Board of Regents TAF Guidelines.  The committee also has responsibility for reviewing, establishing and maintaining the technology goals, objectives, strategies, and activities in the Austin Peay Five-Year Strategic Plan so that, collectively, they will lead the University to a place of technological excellence and accessibility.

About the Committee Membership

The membership of the Technology Committee shall be made up of:

  • 7 faculty members (4 serving two-year terms, and 3 serving one-year terms)
  • 1 representative from the AP Center @ Ft. Campbell
  • 4 staff members (2 serving two-year terms including 1 from Enrollment Management and 1 from the Library) [2 serving two-year terms and 2 serving one-year terms)
  • 2 students
  • 9 ex officio (Vice President for Administration and Finance, Executive Director of Extended and Distance Education, the Director of Information Technology, the Executive Director of the AP Center @ Ft. Campbell, the Adaptive Technology Coordinator in Disability Services, a representative from Accounting Services, and the Assistant Director for the Office of Information Technology)
  • No member will serve more than two consecutive terms, but members may be nominated for subsequent two-year terms provided that a minimum one-year break in service has occurred.
  • The Chair must have served on the committee the previous year.

The Faculty Senate, in conjunction with the Academic Technology Council, will nominate two new faculty representatives and one faculty alternate per year to the President; the Support Staff Council, in conjunction with the Administrative Systems Council, will nominate two staff representatives and one staff alternate to the President. The President will then refer those nominated names to the Technology Committee for review.

The chair of the Technology Committee is appointed by the President.