Stellar Astro In-class Videos & Links
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Stellar Astro In-class Videos & Links

This is where you will find videos, pdf's of in-class activities and links used in Dr. Buckner's Stellar Astronomy class


Selective Attention video

Scale of the Universe YouTube

Zoom Out to the Big Bang WMAP

Apollo 11 Video (Restored)

Epicyclic Motions          Copernican System

Newton's Cannon      High-mass X-ray Binary

White Dwarf Binary video       

Black Hole Eats Neutron Star

Galactic Black Hole Merger

Doppler Effect video

SOFIA video

LIGO Black Hole Merger Simulation

LIGO Black Hole Chirps 

LIGO Multiwavelength Observations

Ice Skater Spin-up         Pizza Toss

Orion Nebula Fly-through          Hammer Throw