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The Writing Center is located in the Felix G. Woodward Library

We are on the main floor of the Library, past Starbucks.

The Academic Support Center provides FREE writing support to APSU undergraduate and graduate students by employing tutors who have earned at least a 3.0 GPA and have been recommended by faculty to serve in the Writing Center. Tutors work one-on-one with students for all written work regardless of writing style. In addition, tutors can help students with interpreting their assignment instructions, conducting research for reliable sources, brainstorming and organizing ideas, preventing plagiarism, and reviewing their progress throughout the writing process.


If you need assistance with scheduling an appointment, please call the Writing Center at (931) 221-6559. You can also go to the Writing Center, and request the lab attendant place you on the schedule.


Walk-in requests for assistance are always welcome. During the semester, the Writing Center is open seven days a week. (Note: we close for most holidays, but we are open for spring and fall break, winter break, and during the summer, providing writing support.)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 am-8 pm 8 am-8 pm 8 am-8 pm 8 am-8 pm 8 am-6 pm 9:30 am-5 pm Closed

Online Assistance

To submit your assignment to the Writing Center, please email:


All Submissions must be sent from your APSU email account (our staff will not work on submissions sent from other accounts). All submissions should include the following information:

Our goal is to provide you with a response within 48 hours. However, please be aware that we are closed on Sundays, so it may take longer to return papers at the beginning of the week. When submitting papers online, be sure to give yourself enough time to have it returned to you and for you to edit it after. If you want to send multiple papers that need to be reviewed, please send each as a separate submission so no paper will be inadvertently overlooked.

Services Provided

Writing Resources

Click the link below for useful writing resources:

Writing Resources