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The Academic Support Center at APSU is building this web resource with our students in mind. We want to help you study and learn about Mathematics. We are asking for your help in adding content to this page. If you have great recommendations for resources to add or a request for a tutorial on a specific type of problem, please drop us a line at

Course Information Available
Math 1410  From 2 data points, graph a line and determine its equation
Calculate Percent Change
Dot and Isometric Paper
Math 1530
Rossman/Chance Applets (applets for statistics)
Math 1110/1710/1730 Exponents (Khan Academy Tutorial)
Negative Exponents (Tutorial)
Properties of Exponents (Tutorial)
Graphing Exponential Functions (Tutorial)
Exponential Growth Functions (Tutorial)
Introduction to Logarithms(Tutorial)
Math 1910/1920 Tutorials for Derivatives and Integration
Instructor Websites
Dr. Ayman Alzaatreh 1530
Dr. Matt Jones 1530
Dr. Ellen Smyth 1530
Other Resources
Online Tools Virtual Manipulatives
Illuminations (Resources for Teaching Math)
Khan Academy (Tutorials for most mathematical topics)
Standardized Test Preparation Tennessee Electronic Library (select Test Prep for ACT, Career Tools for other practice exams)
Calculator Guides How Does My TI-84 Do That (for Statistics)
Basic Statistics on a TI-83/84
TI Website for Student