History of the Academic Support Center
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2000 Fall

QEP adopted focusing on student success and persistence. This led to the creation of the Academic Support Center.

2001 Fall

Learning Center created in McCord Building to offer walk-in tutoring in Math and Sciences (served 340 students the first year).

2004 Summer

Learning Center renamed Academic Support Center, now located in the Morgan University Center. A full-time staff position was created to supervise the operation of the center.

2005 Spring

Writing Center is created as part of the Academic Support Center.

2005 Fall

Early Alert introduced as an online referral system, tied to the class roster. The program was managed by a part-time staff position.

2007 Summer

Pilot conducted for the Structured Learning Assistance program as part of the redesign for developmental education. Initial pilot used the SLA model to support the MATH 1010 and MATH 1530 courses.

2007 Fall

SLA Model implemented campus-wide for students entering with a mathematics or writing deficiency. MATH 1010, MATH 1530, and ENGL 1010 are supported.

2007 Fall

The Academic Support Center moved to its current location in the Marks Building.

2007 Fall

Early Alert was reorganized to become the Office of Academic Alert.

2008 Fall

The Academic Support, in concert with Extended and Distance Education, launches the Virtual Academic Support Center to support students in an online environment.

2008 Fall

A full-time position was created to manage Academic Alert.

2011 Fall

Planning began for moving the Writing Center from the Marks Building to the Library, based on the number of students already being supported by the Writing Center, coupled with a desire to locate the services close to the Research Assistance Desk in order to improve student support.

2011 Fall

The Academic Support Center is awarded the Brenda Pfaehler Professional Development Grant by the National College Learning Center Association to pilot blended tutoring sessions, in which online tutoring is conducted in conjunction with face-to-face sessions.

2012 Spring

The Academic Alert program is moved from the Advisement Center for Undeclared Students to Academic Support.

2012 Fall

Academic Support Center tutor training program received CRLA Level 1-3 certification.

2012 Fall

The Academic Support Center began offering COMPASS Preparatory workshops to increase student access to the university.

2014 Spring

Community tutoring is created to provide educational support to the local community.

2015 Spring

Technical Assistance is piloted to provide support to students in the use of software to meet academic requirements.

2016 Fall

Assistant Academic Coordinator is hired to provide support at the Ft. Campbell campus.