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Trahern Gallery

Trahern Gallery

Located in the Margaret Fort Trahern Art and Drama complex, the Trahern Gallery opened in 1974. Since that time it has featured a wide variety of regional, national and international exhibitions. The active, exhibit calendar changes on a regular basis and provides students and the community the opportunity to view quality, original artforms, first-hand. Gallery hours: 9:00 am – 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

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Current Exhibition

February 22 - March 18


Southern Gothic, the term, is partly defined as the exploration of socially induced issues and the act of revealing the cultural character of the American South. With Blanchard’s current body of print-works on mounted wood panel, he has been reinterpreting various places on the periphery of many Southern towns and cities that are, for lack of a better phrase, on the fringe of society. Ideas of blurred urban and rural county lines as well as backyard familial “up-to-no-good” all grace the compositions in a tongue and cheek manner. The relationship between dusty four-by-four trucks and shiny gangsta’ rides on thirty-two inch rims are the very core of Southern independent-minded symbols that represent the do-it-yourself aesthetic in the lower forty-eight.

Andrew Blanchard: Southlandia

viewable .pdf of 2015-2016 exhibition schedule

2015016 exhibition schedule

Upcoming Exhibitions

March 28 - April 15

As the tradition of showcasing the artistic talents of the Austing Peay students enters its 48th year, this exhibition rounds out an exciting 2015-2016 gallery season.  With hundreds of pieces submitted for selection by an outside juror, the Annual Student Juried Exhibition represents the quality of Austin Peay student artwork, and is presented with a variety of media which include: animation, ceramics, drawing, graphic design,  illustration, new media, painting, photography, sculpture and video.


Gallery Mission

The purpose of the Trahern Gallery is to promote the mission and vision of Austin Peay State University by hosting engaging and thought-provoking exhibitions of artworks:

  • That provide important learning opportunities for students
  • That serve to energize and maintain a high level of student engagement.
  • That support the University’s commitment to collaboration, critical inquiry and cultural diversity
  • That are meaningful to the University’s location, identity and mission
  • That feature important artists whose work embodies the highest standards of excellence
  • That celebrate community by also featuring works created by students, alumni, faculty and supporters
  • That highlight the diverse disciplines practiced and taught at the University
  • That promote an understanding of the arts

Gallery Director:

Michael Dickins -, 931-221-6519