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Dr. Tamara Smithers

Dr. Tamara Smithers

Dr. Tamara Smithers - Internship Coordinator
PhD, Temple University, Philadelphia
Associate Professor - Art History

Select Scholarship

Session organizer, “Early Modern Academies of Art I: Foundation, II: Theory, and III: Identity,” and conference paper, “Mourning the Capo: Artistic Camaraderie and Professional Identity through Memorials in Early Modern Italy,”  Renaissance Society of America’s Annual Conference, New York, NY, March 27–29, 2014.

Conference paper, “ ‘Rome is not the same without Raphael’: The Cult of the Prince of Painters,” Early Modern Rome 2 Conference, Rome, Italy, October 10–12, 2013

Essay publication, “ ‘SPQR/ CAPITOLIVM RESTITVIT’: The renovatio of the Campidoglio and Michelangelo’s Use of the Giant Order,” in Perspectives on public space in Rome, from antiquity to the present dayEdited by Gregory Smith and Jan Gadeyne.  (Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2013), pp. 157–183.

Session organizer, “The Violent Lives of Artists in Early Modern Italy I, II and III,” and conference paper, “Michelangelo’s Suicidal Stone,” Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, April 2013.

Conference session organizer and chair, “Michelangelo Tomorrow: Hearing from Junior Scholars,” with William E. Wallace as respondent, Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Cincinnati, OH, October 2012.

Symposium paper, “SPQR/CAPITOLIVM RESTITVIT”: The renovatio of the Campidoglio and Michelangelo’s Use of the Giant Order,” Public Space in Rome from Antiquity to the Present Day Symposium, part of the Biennial of Public Space organized by the Italian National Institute for Urban Planners Rome, Italy, May 2011.

Conference paper, “ ‘Second Life’: Funerary Memorials for Italian Renaissance Artists,”Renaissance Society of America’s 57th Annual Conference, Montreal, Québec, Canada, March 2011.

Online catalogue entry: “Medal dedicated to Raphael,” British Museum, London.

Select Honors and Awards

Temple University Dissertation Completion Grant, spring 2012.

National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar “Art, History, and Culture in Rome, 1527–1798,” American Academy in Rome, Italy, grant awarded, summer 2011.