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Project: Andrew Demirjian

Slow Motion, Instant Replay

Slow Motion, Instant Replay applies the visual conventions of sports broadcasting to daily life, elevating the everyday to the visual equivalent of game-changing significance, a moment that requires greater study and appreciation. The work uses live video feeds of College Avenue to create a real-time, 2-channel video projection onto the glass façade of the Hemlock Semiconductor Building. As cars and pedestrians walk by their movements will be played back and projected in slow motion, allowing the participant to re-view their actions and see what is missed. The work aims to provide a temporal intervention into daily routines, create moments of reflection about time and draw attention to the overlooked details of our environment.

About the Artist:

Inspired by traditional painting genres like portraiture and landscape, Andrew Demirjian’s work explores boundaries between psychological and physical environments using contemporary technology, like surveillance video, motion tracking, and data gathering. He fuses computer programming and audiovisual production to create systems that dynamically grow and change based on user input or self-reflection. Conceptual systems of juxtaposition, categorization and randomness replace conventional narrative arcs and character development.

Andrew draws upon his experience as a musician and filmmaker to produce interactions between sound and image that respond to and shape one another. Andrew received his MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College and he is a professor at Monmouth University teaching courses in new media, video production and screen studies.

Artist Lecture

Please join us for a Public Lecture by the Artist on Thursday, Feb 7 at 5pm in the Trahern Art Building (TR401).

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