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Department of Art + Design

Nov 23 2015 - 8:02am

Austin Peay Art and Design

Terrors of the Deep, a solo exhibition of linocut prints by graduating senior, Karen Yuhas, will be on display in Gallery 108 / Trahern Building at Austin Peay State University from November 30 through December 4. The exhibit features a series of prints about mental illness expressed through representations of deep sea creatures. Terrors of the Deep invites the viewer to witness not only the terrors within the ocean, but also those within the mind.

There will be an opening reception on Monday November 30 starting at 7PM. The gallery will continue to be open for public viewing until December 4.

Karen is completing her BFA degree in Studio Arts at Austin Peay State University and will be graduating December 2015. Her work focuses on personal renderings of living figures paired with the introduction of the inner struggles that are mental illnesses.

Nov 20 2015 - 8:29am

Austin Peay Art & Design

Paul Matthew Watkins presents:

Tuesday, November 24th at 12pm
Location: Shed Space in the Sculpture Yard
(refreshments will be served)

Join us as we celebrate the conclusion of Paul Matthew Watkins’ 4090 project in Sculpture with an exhibition entitled KNOTS. For this show, Matt will be exhibiting a series of sculptural knots and sculpture inspired by knots. This series takes knot concepts from advanced mathematics into the topological realm of sculpture. Mathematicians study knots which consist of crossings, chirality, and projections. Matt considers the knot’s most primal quality – the space that curves occupy in 3D space. He also equally considers the spaces that they are not occupying. With this series, Matt takes the mathematical concept of a line without width and creates tangible objects. Perhaps most importantly, he asks the viewer to consider knots as both fact and fragment.

This show will be exhibited in the Sculpture Area Shed Space for one day only.

A statement by the artist:
While moving into my upper level undergraduate studies, knot theory has become an intriguing topic. This work is quite blatantly inspired by theoretical images I observed. With this project I sought to make abstract ideas tangible and introduce knot theory to people typically uninterested in math.

 About the artist:
Matt Watkins is an undergraduate math/art student currently studying at Austin Peay State University. He favors no particular thing. He is mostly interested in just being outside of what should be favored. He is inspired by math, magic, and messing things up.

Nov 17 2015 - 10:39am


On Monday November 23 at 7 p.m., Maysey Craddock will present a public lecture on her work. Craddock is the recipient of the inaugural Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts Tennessee Artist Fellowship.

The CECA Tennessee Artist Fellowship was created by APSU to support the continued creative work of exceptional Tennessee artists. Unlike other fellowships, applications and nominations from artist were not solicited. A committee of APSU faculty compiled a list outstanding artists from across the state and selected the fellowship winner. Through the generous support of the Center of Excellence in the Creative Arts, Craddock received $5,000 to aid in the creation of new art work.

Maysey Craddock received her MFA from the Maine College of Art and a BA from Tulane University. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including shows in New York, Stuttgart, Berlin, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, and New Orleans. She is currently represented by David Lusk Gallery in Memphis, Sears Peyton Fine Arts in New York, and Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas.