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Art Internship Program at Austin Peay State University

About the Art Internship Program

The Art Internship Program matches junior and senior studio art, graphic design, art education, and art history students with professional sponsors in field-related businesses and organizations in the region. It is our hope that APSU art students will bring a high degree of technical skill, work ethic, and curiosity to their internship positions. In return, we hope our students will be encouraged to observe and participate in a wide range of creative and practical experiences. By partaking in the Art Internship Program of 100 hours on site, students make the transition from school to work by gaining real-world experience in the art community of Middle Tennessee. Out-of-the-classroom opportunities are part of APSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan, which offer students Transformative Learning Experiences, preparing them for job placement. 

Goals of the Art Internship Program 

  • To create an academic support structure and professional network that will facilitate the transition from student to working professional.
  • To introduce students to various working environments and methods of producing art work so that students have more information about how to formulate their professional goals and imagine their ideal work situations.
  • To assist students in the development of an ongoing self-assessment process so that as professionals they can continue to grow and learn from their work experiences.
  • To create a sense of what it means to work in broad terms—to be responsible to a larger group of people—to complete a task.
  • To help students learn to set workplace boundaries. This process is aided by developing a concise internship contract and defining, as clearly as possible, the roles of the student, faculty advisor, and sponsor.

Student Testimonials about their Experiences in the Art Internship Program

Macon St. Hilaire conserving a historical photograph at the State Library and Archives

“The Preservation Laboratory at the Tennessee State Library & Archives has given me the opportunity to utilize practices established by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. I worked with items in the collection to identify, clean, mend, and archive, works on paper from the 1790s, glass plate negatives from the 1890s, and other historic documents that narrate the history of Tennessee. This experience guided by my supervisor Carol Roberts, but also largely reliant on my studio skills will provide vital experience for a career in the field of art conservation. The networking and professional opportunity I have received is a crucial aspect of my graduate school application portfolio.” – Macon St. Hilaire, Senior BA Studio Art Student

“The internship program was actually much more than I expected…in working at Thrive I was very surprised to learn that I would be working on actual projects for actual clients, and I learned a lot about design and working with the public… I really enjoyed this…many of the things I learned during my internship can help me when I start to look for a full time job.” – Arial Davis, Senior BFA Graphic Design Student 

“What I enjoyed from this whole experience was being able to meet more people who enjoyed printmaking as much as I do, and helping others understand the great feeling that comes along with making a print…What I learned from this experience was that … there there are kind and informed people who want you to succeed…Platetone has been a great experience in getting a sense for doing design work out of school, and also great exposure to the printmaking community of Nashville. I look forward to maintaining a good relationship with them.” – Oscar Quintanilla, Senior BFA Graphic Design and Printmaking Student

“At the Customs House in downtown Clarksville, they integrate teaching children and parents about the importance of art and museums…I have learned a great deal and have gained a lot of experience from this internship… I can use this beyond my professional career goals an din my personal life… A place like the Customs House teaches children the value of art and creates and unquenchable thirst for knowledge and intellectual growth…” – Florence Boom, Senior BA Art Education Student

“During my internship this year at Blend Studio I learned that being an artist is a lot of hard work and very rewarding. I very much enjoyed working At Blend Studio. It gave me a new perspective on what it means to be an artist, and working in a gallery setting. The experiences and lessons I learned from Ben Vitualla will stay with me throughout my career. My journey, from the beginning of the semester until now, is a great example of how one can grow (as an artist), and learn everyday.” – Jadie Binkley, Senior BFA Painting Student

Princess Andress taking photographs for APSU Public Relations